What we do

Our children are often excluded from the simplest and most basic social interaction with other children because of communication difficulties or misunderstandings about deafness. This often leads to frustration and feelings of isolation.

Our events programme brings deaf children together with their families in an atmosphere of support, where their deafness is not an issue and they can just have fun in a stress-free environment. We try to run events that aren’t so readily available for deaf children like canoeing, horse riding, sno-tubing, and specialised fun days to name a few.

We aim to run our events programme at the lowest cost possible to members, with many events being free.

We also run fundraising events such as pub quizzes. These are a great chance for mums, dads and other family members to get together and have some fun of their own!


BDCS offer grants for equipment, courses and tuition which has a clear and direct benefit to deaf children who are members of BDCS. The grant application form can be found here